Our Haverhill: Dog Walking Service

What does our dog walking service provide for you?

People lead busy lives, our dog walking service is flexible allowing us to be there for your dog when you can't, giving you peace of mind.

It may be a daily walk or just an occasional walk when you're unexpectedly unavailable to walk your dog.

Whatever your dog walking needs, we are here to provide a service for you 24/7.

What does our dog walking service provide for your dog?

We know the importance of exercising dogs to keep them healthy and fit.

However walking your dog not only exercises the dog's body, but also its mind. They explore their local environment, meet other dogs and people. This keeps your dogs mind stimulated and lessens its chance of boredom.

Our Dog walking service is made-to-order, each dog usually has different needs. You may have an image of dog walking services with the dog walker surrounded by multiple dogs as shown in the image below. Our dogs are usually walked individually, unless of course you have more than one dog that needs walking.

Sometimes walking two dogs with similar exercise needs together can be useful. If we feel this is the case we will suggest this to both owners. Of course we will ensure both dogs get on before starting joint walking.

This approach allow us time to create a bond with your dog, giving your dog one-to-one attention helps your dog relax and enjoy their time spent with us. It also ensures that we are in control of any situation that may arise during the walk.

If you would like to discuss our dog walking service please call 01440 708639 or 0759 7198192 and ask for Janet or Gary.>

Alternatively email: janet@purrfect-paws.co.uk

We also provide a FREE initial consultation at your home, this allows you to introduce your dog to us and discuss your dog walking needs.

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